Skyros diving center

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image005.jpgSkyros Diving Center welcomes you to the island and wishes you a very pleasant stay. The tradition that walks side by side with the modern comforts  as well as the notorious Skyrian hospitality is sure to accommodate you completely. And so, we come to the point where adventure is needed. For the lovers of the sea, we offer sea – as well as under-sea – experiences that promise you an exciting and intriguing holiday. Skyros Diving Center and Captain Yiannis Metasoumis is at your disposal to make sure that your holiday will be unique. What? Exhausted already?

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In 24 miles distance from Kimi – about 1½ hour sail with the ship ‘Achilleas – lays the picturesque island, Skyros.

It’s an island, where the people value their long tradition, against the oddities of time.
The island’s population totals 2600 inhabitants and they are mostly occupied with cattle-breeding, fishing and tourism.
Geographically, Skyros belongs to North Sporades. It’s landscape and form is similar to Evia’s. The northern part is wooded, while the southern is rocky.
The island’s capital, Horio, is built on the mountain amphitheatrically. It is ‘invisible’ from all sea spetres, once the inhabitants should be protected against pirate raids.
STGORGE.jpgThe saint-protector of the island is Saint-George.
The monastery of Saint-George is found in Hora, and it has once been one of the greatest meeting point of pilgrims in Greece.
Close to that very important monastery, you will find the medieval castle which bears the impressinve lion-dragon at its gate.
Unfortunatelly, an earthquake left its marks on both, therefore they remain closed for the visitors.
piisi.jpk.jpgIn the north part of the isalnd, you can visit the Faltaits Museum, the archaeological museum and the statue of the English poet Brook at the homonymus square.
Also, there are impressive buildings of every historic period and narrow, traditional alleys.In Hora, you will find shops of Skyrian artifacts, for instance embroidery, handwoven material, woodcarving, ceramic etc.
The old ways are everywhere.
The old people wear there traditional clothes and shoes; ceremonies are performed traditionally and there is also the issue of the ancient festivals like the Skyrian carnival, starring The Old Man, The Foreigner and The Maiden.
The island has yet to offer ways of modern entertainment. Nightclubs, taverns, delicious Greek food as well as unique beaches.
The seaside is impressive as it varies from spot to spot, offering oportunities for the taste of every visitor.
There are tips for the more adventurous, who will find it interesting to fish or explore the sea caves of Skyros.
Some of the beaches you might be interested to see are: Molos, Magazia, Atsitsa, Pefkos, Aherounes, Ahilli, Kalamitsa, Aspous, Agios Fokas, Kira Panagia.
The Skyrian Horse
Another thing you might find interesting is the Skyrian horse. It is a rare breed, with peculiarities in the bones and body that differentiate it from the pony.
It is unique in all over the world. It was known in the ancient times asn it was included in the decoration of the Parthenon.
Nowadays, there are about 150 horses on the island and the local authorities are making an effort to preserve it.
The Islands
There are a lot of smaller islands around Skyros: Skyropoula, Sarakino, Mirmigonisia, Vrykalonisia. Some of them you may visit with the little boats at the port of Linaria.
The basic delicacies are meat and sea-food of the best quality. You can find free-range lamb, traditional cheese, pies, lobster spaghetti and fish.
What to buy
Since the pro-Byzantine ages, the Skyrians developed and perfected the folk handcraft. You can find wonderful furniture, woodcarved artifacts, embroidery, handwoven goods and ceramics. There are still just a few masters of these very special arts who hold the scepters of tradition.